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Is Silicone Rhinoplasty Safe?

The safety of silicone rhinoplasty is relatively high. However, some concerns have surfaced regarding the procedure. Although it is relatively common, the risks involved must be understood by the patient. The surgeon should perform the procedure with the utmost care, and patients should follow the instructions of the physician to avoid complications. In addition, patients should leave the inner side of the scab to fall naturally, as direct tearing of this scab can result in a composite wound.

Surgical complications can occur following a silicone rhinoplasty. In the case of soft tissue reactions, the implant must be positioned away from the tip of the nose. The patient’s nose may appear red for several weeks. After that, it will involute spontaneously. However, if the rim of the nostril has been moved away from the silicone implant, it can cause infection. The patient may require more than one procedure to correct the problem.

The procedure is considered safe as long as the procedure is performed by a qualified doctor. The FDA approves both silicone and temporary fillers. However, patients should consider the surgeon’s qualification and experience when considering the safety of liquid rhinoplasty. While there are few significant complications associated with this procedure, most patients are satisfied with the results. A qualified surgeon should always perform this procedure. And as far as the risk of complications goes, the FDA-approved medical grade silicone has the lowest risk of complication.

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