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Jewellery Tips and Tricks

As you buy a new piece of jewellery, there are some things to look for. Be sure that the prongs are even and smooth around the stone. If they are not, the jewellery is probably not well made and will cause the stone to fall out. Another jewellery tip is to try it on before wearing it. Not only will it be more fun, but it will ensure that the jewellery will fit perfectly as well. And of course, it will look better when you wear it on than if you just opened the box and admired it.

When choosing jewellery, remember to balance the weight of the pieces. Wearing too many rings can make you look bulky and trashy. Likewise, wearing too many necklaces or rings can make your outfit look too busy. Keeping your style in mind, mix and match your pieces and you’ll look fabulous. Try to wear a single necklace and a few smaller ones. A great way to find the perfect balance is to shop at online jewellery stores, such as Plushvie.

Another jewellery tip is to keep it simple. Choosing an eye-catching necklace will not draw too much attention. Instead, wear subtler pieces on other parts of your body. Wear earrings and pendants that compliment your necklace, but don’t compete with it. Incorporating small details can add character and interest to your look. There are many more tips and tricks to choosing a necklace that will flatter your face. So, enjoy the process!

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