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Mixing Leather and Fabric Furniture Pictures

There are several reasons why you might want to mix fabric and leather furniture. Whether your home is modern or traditional, mixing the two textures can add style and appeal. In fact, this look is so popular that you might even get compliments from your guests. Read on to learn more. You may also want to look at some pictures of how furniture with contrasting materials looks in homes. Here are some ideas that can help you decide what type of furniture would best suit your living space.

Choose bold colors. Bold furniture and colors are great ways to make a statement. Consider contrasting colors and throw pillows to tie the leather and fabric look together. Beige furniture is also in style, so consider investing in a leather piece that includes a touch of this color. Beige looks classic and is a timeless color that compliments fabric pieces. When choosing leather furniture, make sure to look for the same style.

If you decide to mix fabric and leather furniture, choose one design style. This could be traditional versus modern, rustic vs industrial, or casual vs. modern. Your accent chairs and coffee table should all complement the style of your sofa. If you use both leather and fabric, you may want to choose a neutral color for accents or a neutral colored pouf. You’ll end up with a beautifully curated room that’s functional and beautiful.

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