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The Cairo-based startup series keneoka for tech crunch is launching a new business model to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make better business decisions through analytics. Using a combination of data services and products, the startup plans to expand into verticals and geographically.


Capiter is a B2B e-commerce platform that aggregates wholesalers and retailers to give small and medium-sized retailers access to inventory and financing. The company is headquartered in Cairo and has 1,000 sellers and 50,000 merchants. It competes with Cartona and MaxAB in Egypt.

The company raised $33 million in Series A funding last September. Several investors participated in the round, including Savola Group, Quona Capital, and Derrayah Ventures. The round raised the company’s valuation to over $80 million.

The company reportedly laid off over 100 employees in the second half of August. In the aftermath, a number of employees wrote on LinkedIn that they were disappointed in Capiter’s management. According to some employees, Capiter’s board failed to address outstanding debts owed by its employees and creditors. Some employees were also unable to access their emails and bank accounts.

Market insights

Capiter is a B2B e-commerce company that provides small and medium retailers with a way to purchase inventory. They also provide financial services through partnerships with banks. It is one of the most popular companies in the Middle East, serving a whopping 50,000 merchants. The startup has raised millions from investors in its early days, and plans to expand to Egypt by 2022.

Capiter specializes in aggregating retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. In the process, they eliminate the hassle of engaging with multiple suppliers. Not only does it help them find the right partners, it also provides them with market insights. The company also makes money through rebates and a commission from the working capital it offers to its merchants.

While it’s no secret that supply chain inefficiencies are rampant in the Middle East, the startup is able to provide a solution to the problem by leveraging the ecosystem built around local financial institutions. This has proven to be a boon to both retailers and manufacturers, who no longer need to waste time and money engaging multiple vendors in order to get what they need.

Data services

Egyptian startup Capiter, which launched in January 2012, raised a hefty $33 million in Series A funding last year. The company is a B2B eCommerce platform that serves merchants and wholesalers by offering them financial services via partnerships with local banks. It aims to expand into new verticals over the next year.

Capiter is a nifty gadget that allows small and medium retailers to order and arrange delivery of products. It uses technology to analyze markets, match merchants with suppliers, and provide financial insights. In addition, the company offers fair pricing.

Last year, Capiter hired aggressively to meet its targets. At the time, the company had over 6,000 SKUs, 1,000 sellers, and a large team of ecommerce experts. However, the company ran out of money in August.

Multi-product offering for SMEs

One of the most important tasks for banks is developing a multi-product offering for SMEs. The practice is referred to as product bundling, and is a great way to increase the average order value of a customer. It also increases the appeal of the brand, allowing it to bolster its sales revenue.

There are three major considerations to Hibooz consider when creating a multi-product offering. First, banks must create a detailed understanding of their customers’ needs. Second, they must select the right segments to focus on. Third, they must develop an effective technology and commercial model.

Using a multi-product approach allows a bank to focus on its customers’ needs, and helps them to achieve greater sales results. A bank can use this approach by developing a comprehensive portfolio of products that cater to the various needs of each segment. This could include an e-business solution, standard products for deposits and lending, and advisory services for working capital optimization.

Plans to expand vertically and geographically

Capiter, an Egyptian B2B e-commerce solution startup, recently raised a $33 million Series A round. The company brings together manufacturers and retailers on a single platform. It is used by over 50,000 merchants. Capiter will use the funding to expand in the MENA region.

Capiter addresses the challenges faced by retailers and fashionnowdays suppliers alike, providing data-driven insights to help them improve their businesses. With the help of its technology, Capiter provides a transparent pricing system, as well as an automated matching algorithm. This helps retailers get the best prices and products for their business. It also eliminates the hassle of engaging with numerous suppliers.


The founders of Capiter, Mahmoud Nouh and Ahmed Nouh, are shipping and logistics experts. They founded Capiter in July of 2020. Capiter’s platform serves over 50,000 merchants, providing them with access to over 6,000 SKUs, as well as financing and digital financial services.


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